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1)Drone videos for real estate property listings:

More often than not, majority of the online real estate property listings are showcased with two to five still outdoor photographs of the front portion, side portion and rear part of the property along with features such as swimming pools. The other ten to fifteen photographs portray the interior amenities. Experts believe that videos tend to garner more views and are able to keep the target audience engaged, but only a few real estate agents employ videos to showcase their property listings. There are numerous advantages of using videos to showcase one’s property listings but most of the property agents are not familiar with the way how it should really be done

2)Mainstreaming drone videos:

Drones are one of the most versatile means to capture captivating and innovative videos. Drone videos and aerial imagery are becoming a common phenomenon and have opened up new vistas of opportunities for real estate agents to underscore their property listings in an attractive manner.



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